6 Reasons to Join Your Local Carnivorous Plant Society

There are dozens of us!

Okay, there’s more than dozens of us, but being a carnivorous plant grower can be lonely sometimes. We’re definitely a rarity among gardening hobbyists. I’ve never run into someone out on the street who shares the same passion for them as I do. But thankfully, there are organizations of people JUST LIKE US! See why you should join your local carnivorous plant society.

1. It’s FREE! (or low cost)

I just joined my local carnivorous plant society (BACPS) which is 100% free. They have links to more societies across the world. The International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) is the largest in the world, and membership is only $35 for your first year ($30/year thereafter). I recommend you join ICPS in addition to your local CPS for even more benefits!

2. Staying informed

Knowledge is power. Attending meetings, exhibitions, and events by your local CPS will keep ICPSlogoyou informed on everything from new cultivars being sold to care tips and where to visit local carnivorous plants in the wild! ICPS also has an excellent newsletter packed with many new developments in the carnivorous plant world.

3. Annual show/sale

Most societies will have an annual show and sale with plant judging, prizes and gorgeous, well-kept plants that you can’t buy anywhere else! You can show off your own plants or just envy everyone else’s (which is probably what I would do!)

4. Get involved in conservation/educational efforts

You have the knowledge, so spread it around and share it! You have the opportunity to give back to your community. You can teach about the importance (and fun!) of carnivorous plants and why we should protect them. Many societies visit schools to give talks and show in person how amazing the plants really are. You could even help re-plant poached plants in the wild!

seedpacket25. Access to seed bank & rare plants

The ICPS has a seed bank accessible to members only. Members can purchase seeds, or you can donate your own seeds to get credit for free seeds. This is a fantastic perk of being a member, but it doesn’t stop there. Just think about it. Giving your time, money and resources to your local society will open the possibilities to connect with like-minded plant lovers and breeders. Your world will open up into plant trades and sales that the public will never have access to!

6. Meeting awesome like-minded people 

Even though gardening is a widely accepted hobby, it’s hard to find more people who are into growing carnivorous plants specifically. Sometimes it feels like we are the weirdos of the gardening world, but that’s okay! We embrace it, and when we find each other we can’t stop talking about sphagnum or our favorite dead bug finds inside our plants.

I hope this post encouraged you to get out and join your local carnivorous plant society today! If there isn’t one close to you, remember ICPS is everywhere, and there are some fantastic online forums that provide a great sense of community! Hope to see you out there!


  1. Shannon says:

    I have googled and googled and there doesn’t seem to be any carnivorous plant society in my area. 🙁 I would love to hear from people in Kentucky with CPs

    • Maria says:

      Are you on Facebook, Shannon? There is a vibrant CP community in several Facebook groups. If you post in there, you may find other growers in your area!

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