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Do you offer refund/returns/exchanges?

Please read the return policy here.

Shipping Info

Plants can only be shipped within the United States. Seeds can be guaranteed shipped within the United States and Canada.

If ordering seeds from outside the US & CA: do so at your own risk. All countries have different import laws regarding seeds. Please check your country’s laws to ensure your order does not get seized. is not responsible for orders being lost or confiscated.

Apparel, accessories, plant supplies, artwork, etc. can be shipped worldwide. Essentially, if it’s not a plant, I can ship to any address worldwide.

Everything is shipped via USPS. Non-plant items are shipped via First Class Mail, which includes a tracking number. Estimated delivery in the US is 2-5 days after shipping.

Plants are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays only. This is to ensure they arrive in a timely manner, and less likely to be sitting in a warehouse over a weekend.

Plants are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which includes a tracking number and insurance up to $50 in value. Estimated arrival is 2-3 days after shipping. It is the responsibility of the buyer to unpack the plant in a timely manner upon arrival.

If your region is experiencing freezing temperatures or lower, I will include a heat pack in your order at no additional charge.


What’s the difference between bare root and potted plants? 

Bare root plants are shipped without any media or pots. The roots are wrapped in a damp paper towel and sphagnum moss to hold moisture during shipping. When it reaches its new home, it should be potted immediately. The buyer must have a planter and potting media ready to use when the plant arrives.

Potted plants are shipped with potting media and planter included. These plants just need to be unwrapped and slowly acclimated to sunlight upon arrival.

Potted plants are recommended to beginners that are unfamiliar with potting plants themselves. Please understand these orders are heavier and require more careful packaging than bare root plants, so shipping costs are slightly higher.


Where do the plants/seeds come from?

All plants and seeds come from my personal collection. None of the plants on this website have been poached or collected from wild populations. All plants have been cultivated and collected legally.



  1. j says:

    Hi! The plant i love says out of stock (hummers hammer). Do you have any sort of wait list or idea of when i should check back? Thanks so much!

    • Maria says:

      Hi there! Check back in about two weeks! Sign up for my email list if you haven’t already. I’ll give everyone on my list a heads up when I’m going to add more items! 🙂

  2. Christa says:

    I am very new to this, and I am not entirely sure what type of pot to use and what not to buy for my venus fly trap. I currently have a nong laze clay pot, but it has grown since then so I am switching to a new pot. The one I bought is a glass pot. But I am a little concerned that it might hurt my venus fly trap. I have read some of the things on here, but I am not sure if this is a pot not to use….

    • Maria says:

      Hi Christa!

      A glass pot is okay, but it will get really hot if it’s in direct sunlight. It could get hot enough to cook a Venus flytrap. You could keep it out of direct sun, though your plant won’t be at its healthiest because they love direct sun.

      A simple plastic/resin pot will work just fine. If you really want to use a glass container, maybe consider wrapping some decorative paper around it, or putting it inside a plastic pot to keep direct sun off the roots of the plant.

      I hope that was helpful to you, Christa! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Sunny says:

    Hi Maria,

    Hope you are doing well..

    I was reading your blog its very inspirational. You are doing a wonderful Job Thank you so much.

    I am a big fan of CP just that the place where I live which is India, we dont have easy access to seeds, Plants. Just yesterday I managed to get Nepenthes & I am very exited about it.

    Could you please provide me with links for genuine sellers dealing in CP & shipping them worldwide. Please let me know if you sell VFT seeds or any other CP seeds I will get them ordered at my friends place in NY.

    Thank you,

    • Maria says:

      Hi Sunny,

      There are very few places that will ship CPs worldwide. Permits are expensive, plus each country has different regulations regarding importing plants, especially if they may be endangered species. If I were you I’d ask around in Facebook groups for other growers in your area that you could potentially trade/buy from. Good luck!

  4. Lorna says:

    Hi all CP lovers! I have the age~old question which has probably been asked and answered many many times. But…..for the sake of my sanity and the health of my plants…….I need to ask it my first and only time! I’m on the process of remodeling my CP plant room…..all new shelving, watering system, lighting, etc. anyway, I’m going to go to LED lighting……IF AND ONLY IF…….I can get a few blessings on using it. I’d like to know anyone and everyone’s opinion on LED. There’s a farm store near my house that’s going to have LED 4′ shop lights on sale from $40 to $29! Do $11 off is pretty good savings. IF AND ONLY IF THEY ARE AN ASSET TO MY PLANTS…….and the verdict is????? Thank you for any help…..Lorna

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