Back in Black! NEW botanical art print: Pinguicula lutea

Finally! I have another carnivorous botanical print design in the shop! And another new genus as well! We needed some pings representin’ themselves, so here they are! This Pinguicula lutea illustration was originally published in 1891 in Curtis’ Botanical Magazine.

Carnivorous butterwort Pinguicula lutea illustration
Art prints start at $15.00! Click the image to get yours!

With this image, I really liked the strong contrast with a dark background, so I made dark grey, almost black pillows and tote bags. I’m so pleased with how these look!

Now until Saturday, pillows and tote bags are 20% off! Click the images below to get yours!

Carnivorous butterwort Pinguicula lutea botanical illustration printed on throw pillows!


Botanical illustration of carnivorous butterwort, Pinguicula lutea


And of course, the black tank tops look pretty badass!

Carnivorous plant tank top. Pinguicula lutea.



If black isn’t your thing though, tanks, shirts, and hoodies are available in a variety of colors! Prints, cards, and phone cases also have the calm, neutral background.

Carnivorous plant phone case. Pinguicula lutea.
iPhone 6 Plus to 3G available. Also iPod Touch, and Galaxy S4 and S5! Click the image to check out cases!

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