Carnivorous Gift Guide: Must-have Carnivorous Plant Books!

Where has the time gone? It’s December already! And it’s Cyber Monday, no less! Hopefully you’re enjoying your online shopping from the comfort of your home or work computer! I’ve decided to put together some gift guides for all the carnivorous plant lovers out there. Today I’ll be featuring some fantastic books on the hobby. You can also visit the Books  page for more ideas!

On to the books!

The Savage Garden Book

The Savage Garden Revised by Peter D’Amato, owner of California Carnivores, is considered the single best guide to  growing carnivores out there. I have the non-revised version, and always have it within arm’s reach. The revised edition contains more up-to-date research and discoveries about new cultivars, technologies, and cultivation techniques. Even owners of the previous edition would benefit greatly from this book! Currently $17.95 on Amazon.

Growing Carnivorous Plants

Growing Carnivorous Plants by Dr. Barry Rice is considered the companion book to The Savage Garden. Dr Rice is the author of and edits the ICPS newsletter. While D’Amatos’ book goes more into cultivation and propagation techniques, Dr. Rice’s book goes into cultivation basics, but also more into the science, evolution, and conservation of carnivorous plants. The photographs are also huge and striking! And I must say, I love Dr. Rice’s humor and his writing style. His passion really comes through, and anything I’ve read by him is just so much fun to read. Currently $29.14 at Amazon.

Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap

Here’s a big, beautiful monograph for all the Venus Flytrap lovers (AKA me!) Dionaea: The Venus’s Flytrap includes photos of over 100 cultivars, including new and unregistered cultivars that were never documented before this book was published. This book also goes over Dionaea’s evolution and ecology, but the huge, stunning photographs of all the different cultivars is what really makes this book! Currently $63.20 on Amazon.

The Day of the Triffids Book This book would make a great stocking-stuffer for the carnivorous plant lover who also loves science fiction! The Day of the Triffids is the novel that inspired the movie and TV series about huge, aggressive plants set out to destroy mankind! With today’s popular post-apocalyptic fiction, this cold-war era novel remains relevant and highly entertaining! Currently $12.12 on Amazon.

Darlingtonia by Natch GreyesAnother great little book that will make an excellent stocking-stuffer! Darlingtonia is authored by fellow carnivorous plant blogger Natch Greyes. This plant is considered a rare jewel among plant collectors, and this book provides an excellent overview of their discovery, cultivation, natural habitat, and more! For only 34 pages, this book packs a ton of information. Natch has a gorgeous collection of plants and really knows his stuff! Currently $11.51 on Amazon.

Hope you found some inspiration from this gift guide! Check out the books page for even more! I’ll have more carnivorous plant gift guides posts coming in the next couple of weeks, for all you procrastinators out there. 😉 Have a good one!