Carnivorous Plant Art: Nepenthes Photography by Istvan Kadar

Tropical Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant by Istvan Kadar Design & Photography. Buy prints here!

I have a soft spot for really good, photographic art. Photography was my university major after all. 😉 Everyone has the ability to snap photos these days, but creating an image while correctly exposing, composing, and portraying your subject in a visually pleasing way takes a lot of skill and practice. Istvan Kadar certainly knows how to separate art from snapshots! Pitcher Plant, shown above, precisely focuses on the pitcher while blurring out the background. He also uses the available light and color to make a very warm, visually rich image!

Tropical Pitcher Plant

Monkey Cups by Istvan Kedar Photography & Design. Buy prints here!

 On the other hand, Monkey Cups, portrays more abstracted textures and shapes by removing all color. Dying leaves are usually an eyesore to plant growers, but they add a key visual component to this image. I’ve always found dead or dying plants visually interesting, sometimes more so than live plants! So I appreciate other artists who include the not-so-pretty aspects into their work.

Tis the season for giving! These images are available as framed prints, canvas prints, tote bags and more! Get something for yourself or a special Nepenthes grower in your life!