Carnivorous Plant Art: Spooky Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween, dear blog readers! In celebration of this holiday of scariness, I’m featuring several spooky but excellent carnivorous art prints for you to enjoy!

These are done by Kate O’Hara, an artist from Reno, Nevada. Kate uses many different elements from nature in her work, and not always the pretty elements! She portrays them in such a beautiful way though, that her work is not only pleasing to view, it’s also a bit haunting and unsettling.

Clockwork Frog by Kate O'Hara
Clockwork Frog by Kate O’Hara
Blood Bank by Kate O'Hara
Blood Bank by Kate O’Hara
Carnivorous Bouquet by Kate O'Hara
Carnivorous Bouquet by Kate O’Hara

Initially, I only noticed the last piece, Carnivorous Bouquet, when browsing carnivorous plant art since they’re the main focal point. When browsing Kate’s work again, I noticed how she used carnivores in more subtle ways. Even Heliamphora are hard to notice when you’re looking at a giant mosquito and a heart inside a balloon!

Kate’s artwork is dreamy, with a splash of nightmare and whimsy. I feel her work touches on areas of the human psyche that we are fascinated by, but can’t express in words or images that exist in real life. But they’re universal, identifiable to everyone. I think at some point, everyone has felt their heart was fragile as a balloon, and maybe felt someone else preyed upon it like a mosquito. Check me out, being the armchair psychologist!

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Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! I’ll see you in November.