Recommended Carnivorous Plant Books

The books below are all highly recommended to expand your carnivorous plant knowledge! Many of them also have the juiciest eye candy photos that you just have to see to believe!


The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato The Savage Garden by Peter D’AmatoThis book is considered the number one must-have for all levels of carnivorous plant enthusiasts and growers!

Each genus of carnivorous plant has its own section with requirements and cultivation tips. There are also chapters that go over the different aspects of cultivation (soil, water, light) and methods of growing (indoor, outdoor, terrarium, etc).

This book is also filled with beautiful, colorful photos! Sometimes I pick it up just to flip through the photos, and end up learning something new as I do! 🙂 Click here to read reviews!


Cultivating Carnivorous Plants by Natch Greyes

Cultivating Carnivorous Plants by Natch Greyes is the hot new book on the market! This book goes beyond what others have done in that all species of several genera are organized into handy, alphabetized charts that make finding quick information a snap! All genera sections are also alphabetized, which makes it easy to find something specific.

Published in March 2015, it’s the most recent and updated carnivorous plant guide out there. See more photos and read my review of this book here! 


Growing carnivorous plants by Dr. Barry RiceGrowing Carnivorous Plants by Barry A. RiceThis book is considered the companion to The Savage Garden. Dr Rice is the author of and edits the ICPS newsletter.

While The Savage Garden goes more into cultivation and propagation techniques, Dr. Rice’s book goes into cultivation basics, but also more into the science, evolution, and conservation of carnivorous plants. The photographs are also huge and striking! And I must say, I love Dr. Rice’s humor and his writing style. His passion really comes through, and anything I’ve read by him is just so much fun to read! Click here to read reviews!



Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap by Tim Bailey and Stewart McPherson Dionaea: The Venus’s Flytrap by Tim Bailey and Stewart McPherson Here’s a big, beautiful monograph for all the Venus Flytrap lovers (AKA me)! This book includes photos of over 100 cultivars, including new and unregistered cultivars that were never documented before this book was published. This book also goes over Dionaea’s evolution and ecology, but the huge, stunning photographs of all the different cultivars is what really makes this book! Click here to get yours!




darlingtonia-book-natch-greyesDarlingtonia by Natch Greyes is authored by fellow carnivorous plant blogger Natch Greyes. This plant is considered a rare jewel among plant collectors, and this book provides an excellent overview of their discovery, cultivation, natural habitat, and more! For only 34 pages, this book packs a ton of information. Natch has a gorgeous collection of plants and really knows his stuff! Available in Kindle and paperback formats!




The Genus Utricularia by Peter TaylorThe Genus Utricularia: A Taxonomic Monograph by P G Taylor. This monograph is the only complete work on the Utricularia genus. If bladderworts are your passion, this is the book to get! There is still very little information on the internet about utricularia cultivation, so this is an excellent resource to have. It was originally published in 1989, so I don’t believe it’s currently being printed. However there are new and used copies available at different prices! 

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