Carnivorous Plant Flowers Everywhere!

It’s weird to think of flowers as plants’ sex organs, but that’s exactly what they are! Even weirder to think of carnivorous plants (already considered strange, deviant, perverse) having sex organs, but they certainly do!

These Utricularia blanchetii flowers are especially perverse. They’re all like “Woooo, look up my skirt!”

Utricularia blanchetii, a carnivorous bladderwort with ruffly purple flowers.


A new “Angry Bunny” flower recently opened on my Utricularia sandersonii. It keeps giving me sideways looks…

Utricularia sandersonii, a carnivorous bladderwort famous for having flowers shaped like rabbits. Often called the "Angry Bunny" bladderwort.


The sundews are not far behind in the flower show either! This Drosera nidiformis stalk keeps getting taller! Check out how much it grew! I’m predicting it will open in the next couple of days.

Drosera nidiformis flower stalk

Drosera nidiformis flower stalk


One of my many Drosera spatulas uncurling a cute little red stalk!

Drosera spatulata, spoonleaf sundew, uncurling a little red flower stalk.


Drosera venusta rolled out a low-rider flower stalk off to the left side. I’ve never seen a carnivorous plant flower stalk that didn’t go straight up, or at least attempt to! Very interesting to see this.

Drosera venusta with flower stalk rolling out to the left


In Sarracenia-land, we have lots of flower buds forming, but no open flowers yet! It’s crazy how I went from zero Sarracenia flowers ever to more than I can handle within a year.

Little bud on one of my newest Sarracenia, “Ritchie Bell”.

Sarracenia pitcher plant flower bud emerging from the rhizome.


This one is on my Sarracenia x “readii” division!

Sarracenia pitcher plant flower bud emerging from the rhizome.


Double flowers on one of my Sarracenia x “Hummer’s Hammerhead”s. I actually have TWO ¬†Hammerheads with double flowers growing! That’s going to be awesome to see when they bloom!

Sarracenia pitcher plant flower bud emerging from the rhizome.


With its flower bud and two new pitchers on either side, my Judith Hindle x flava var. atropurpurea looks familiar…

Sarracenia pitcher plant flower bud emerging from the rhizome.

Maybe this is what I’m thinking of?


Or this?steve holt


But the star of the flower show is my Sarracenia flava “Cuprea”! This flower is so close to opening, I can taste it! See earlier photos here in this post!¬†I estimate this thing is about 10 to 12 inches tall now.

Sarracenia flava "Cuprea" with flower bud almost ready to bloom.

Sarracenia flava "Cuprea" flower bud almost ready to bloom.


How are your plants coming along? Got any buds forming, or blooms already opened? Let me know in a comment!


  1. Isobel says:

    My little nepenthes is growing new baby pitchers. It must grow them in my sleep or something, I never notice them until later. It’s still a bit sad from the lack of sun even though it has lights over it, but hopefully it’ll feel better once summer arrives.

    • Maria says:

      That’s great to hear, Isobel! Growing pitcher means its a happy plant. Yes, I notice more growth changes happen over night.

  2. Khaj says:

    Came home from a lovely dayhike to find that not one but 2 of our pitchers have flower buds! So excited I can hardly breathe, so novice I don’t know what kind of pitchers I have!

  3. Ryan says:

    This is my new favorite post. lol Beautiful pictures! This time of year is so exciting with everything starting to grow and bloom.

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