Carnivorous Plant Goals for 2015

I’m not into new year’s resolutions, but goals are always good to have! Here are a few things I’m hoping to accomplish with my carnivorous plants this year! Please share with me your goals too!

  • Pollinate flowers and (hopefully!) harvest some seeds. Can you believe I’ve never attempted to pollinate my carnivorous plant flowers? This is the year I’m breaking out the paintbrush and assisting those plants in their baby-making! To be perfectly honest, I’ve only allowed my Venus flytraps to flower once. I thought I’d try letting them pollinate naturally, but nothing happened except my plants looked really stressed out for the rest of the year. No bueno! This year, my plan is to allow some select flowering and attempt to hand pollinate my flytraps and my Sarracenia. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!
American Pitcher Plant. Sarracenia Judith Hindle x Flava var. atropurpurea
Sarracenia Judith Hindle x flava var. atropurpurea


  • Propagate seeds in the space bucket. You saw my seedling space bucketMy plan is to make it my main germination station. You know, like a space station but for seeds! 😉 This year will primarily be Sarracenia seedlings. I have several batches stratifying in the refrigerator, with the first ones due to to be sown next week! I can’t wait to get those started and document their progress all throughout the year.
  • Take and propagate leaf pullings from pinguicula. Leaf pulling of any kind are another propagation technique I have yet to try. I might as well start with the pings since they seem to be easily propagated with this method. I’ve read this is best done with their winter succulent leaves, so I’ll be attempting this relatively soon!
Gnats on a carnivorous leaf of Pinguicula "Sethos"
Pinguicula x “Sethos”


  • Acquire some new “higher end” clones. This year, I’d like to take the plunge and invest some actual money into plants that are more rare in cultivation. Maybe not exactly Sarracenia x “Adrian Slack” but getting closer to that realm!
  • Do more sales/trades/giveaways. If I’m going to acquire more plants, it only makes sense to create room for them! I have lots of Dionaea and Sarracenia divisions that will need new homes soon! Sign up for the email list to be first to know when I’m giving away plants!
  • Shoot video. Aside from my plants, my camera is the one other thing I would consider my baby. But I’ve always been a 100% still-photographer, and have never used its video capabilities! I would like to try shooting some time-lapse videos, or maybe some how-to guides. I have some ideas kicking around so be on the lookout for those! If there is anything you want to see in a video from me, please let me know!
Drosera Venusta, a south African sundew and a stunning carnivorous plant!
Drosera venusta


  • Make room for more plants! Right now I have an extremely small amount of space for all my cold-hardy plants on my apartment patio and need to make the most of it! I have one small covered greenhouse like thisand will probably getting more, or something similar. I can fit maybe 2 more of those greenhouses, or some kind of outdoor shelves so more plants can reach full sunlight!
  • More in the store! I’ve had wonderful support from readers/customers about my store and I want to keep adding to it and offering more awesome carnivorous plant stuff to you all! Inventory is low now, because I’m hunting for the highest resolution images I can find, and still doing a fair amount of clean-up to them in Photoshop. I do this when I have spare time away from this website, my plants, my job, my husband, you get the idea. 😉 But in a few months, I hope to at least double the amount of designs available.
Nepenthes Botanical Vintage Pillow
Antique Nepenthes Print Pillow. Click to get yours!

To hold myself accountable for these goals, I’m setting alerts on my calendar to return to this post in three, six, nine, and twelve month intervals. At each of those intervals, I’ll make note of what I accomplished and what I still need to do.  Maybe some goals will change, drop off, or new ones will be added, who knows!

What are some of your goals for this year? Tell me in a comment! I’ll be here cheering you on to aim high and stick to them!