Carnivorous Plant Seeds Up Close! (Spoiler: they look weird!)

I love microscope photography of just about anything. Botanical illustrations are also totally my jam. Turns out carnivorous plant seeds look SO COOL up close! I found these articles on the structure of different seeds while writing my post on joining a carnivorous plant society. I’ll post a few images here, but I highly encourage you to check out all the pictures and information on your own. These articles are free to the public! You don’t need to be an ICPS member to access them.

Here are the links to Article 1 and Article 2.

Keep in mind, this is older information from 1983. But if you’re into seed-growing, it’s  still relevant and super fascinating information! Check out some images below!

Drosera Gigantea Seed

A drosera gigantea seed looks like a big ol’ peanut!


Drosera seeds are so tiny to the human eyes, who knew they all looked SO different!

Pinguicula Seeds

Pinguicula seeds, on the other hand, pretty much all look like peanuts. The author mentioned that they were much harder to tell apart.

It’s so much fun to see things we wouldn’t ordinarily see. Gotta keep that curiosity alive! Hope y’all enjoyed this quick post!