Cephalotus Follicularis Botanical Art Prints

Cephalotus Follicularis Botanical Art Print
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The Cephalotus Follicularis piece is one of the best sellers in the shop! I love that little green pitcher in the middle. Like the Darlingtonia Californica illustration, this was originally published in 1871 in the botanical magazine¬†L’illustration Horticole.

My friend and fellow blogger Natch Greyes kindly showed off his framed prints from me in a recent post. They look great with a thin black frame and a white mat! I’ve also sold quite a few mugs with this design.¬†It just wraps so nicely around a mug that I had to get one for myself! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the rare selfie below.

Carnivorous plant mug. Cephlatous follicularis.

To be honest, I have been sick for the past month with an awful cough. My go-to caffeine source (black coffee from the French press) has been too harsh for my throat, so I’ve developed a new appreciation for tea (with lemon and honey, of course). I’ve been drinking at least five cups of tea per day, and have gone through a lot of cups! But the one I keep making sure to wash and reuse over and over again is my Cephalotus mug. I just love that thing!

Cephalotus follicularis botanical art mug
I got the 11 oz mug. Should have gone with 15 oz!

Can’t resist the awesomeness of the mug? Click here to get yours!¬†

And of course, we have lovely tote bags and throw pillows adorned with the cephalotus as well! I chose a bright, minty green color for the background of these and think they pop really nicely!

Cephalotus follicularis botanical print pillow
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Cephalotus follicularis botanical art tote bag.
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My newest design is in the works and will be hitting the shop soon! Enter your email below to find out first! (Hint: the genus has not yet been available in the shop!)