Dinosaurs in the Garden & New Carnivorous Plant Projects!

Yes, you read right. Dinosaurs in the garden! Zombie herbivorous dinosaurs, to be exact!

Zombie herbivorous dinosaurs in a carnivorous plant garden!
Zombie stegosaurus wondering if Venus flytrap is edible!


Zombie herbivorous dinosaurs in a carnivorous plant garden!
Don’t remember what this dino is called, but it’s got a taste for sundews! (D. coccicaulus ‘alba’, D. hamiltonii, and D. collinsiae)

The dinosaurs were like 20 cents in a clearance bin at the grocery store, so I had to adopt them into my carnivorous little carnival!

These dinos also made me realize I haven’t done a real photo session in a while, so here’s a few recent shots for you all!

Sarracenia alata ‘Maroon Throat’ seemed to struggle earlier this year, but has finally been throwing up some nice pitchers!

Sarracenia alata "Maroon Throat"

Sarracenia alata "Maroon Throat"


This unknown Sarracenia hybrid from Cook’s Carnivores (read my review here!) really needs dividing! It’s grown pitchers as least twice as big as last year and lots more growth points. It also apparently got drunk because it threw up a flower super late in the season. I was hoping to self-pollinate it to see what other kind of genes it had, but never saw any pollen in the flower. Winds might have taken it or may have never had any. We’ll find out soon enough!

North American pitcher plant, Sarracenia. Unknown hybrid.

North American pitcher plant, Sarracenia. Unknown hybrid.

Carnivorous plant flower. Sarracenia (North American Pitcher Plant)


Also in need of dividing, my Sarracenia oreophila x purpurea parent plant! I love how cute these two pitchers are on it. They look like they’re snuggling!

Sarracenia oreophila x purpurea. Carnivorous pitcher plant.


Sarracenia x readii suffered some mealybug damage early in the year, but bounced back and is making some nice pitchers too!

Sarracenia x readii. North American carnivorous pitcher plant.

The crazy veins of S x. ‘Godzuki’!

Sarracenia 'Godzuki'. Carnivorous pitcher plant hybrid.


The crazy, flamboyant hood of S. flava x catesbaei!

Sarracenia flava x catesbaei. Carnivorous pitcher plant hybrid.

Sarracenia flava x catesbaei. Carnivorous pitcher plant hybrid.


The next couple of months will be REALLY busy for me! I’m in the process of moving my collection to a different (more spacious!) location that will allow me to offer more plants to my fantastic customers next year! Once I complete my set-up in the new space, December will be a long month of dividing, potting, more dividing… and I’m so ready to get my hands dirty!

I’m also taking on a new creative project! Check out the photo below for a tease…


Carnivorous plant 2016 calendar. Accepting pre-orders October 1st!

Yes, I’m making carnivorous plant calendars! I’ll be working diligently on them this month and will start accepting pre-orders October 1st! I plan to ship all pre-orders out by November 1st! Plenty of time to get a head-start on your holiday gifts! 😉

The calendar will feature vintage and antique illustrations of carnivorous plants, some of which are also on my products in my Society6 store. And some which have yet to be seen! I’m so excited and inspired to be working on this calendar, and can’t wait to see the final result!

As always, I give my email subscribers first access! Sign up below to make sure you reserve your calendar!