Do your plants have friends, too? Meet the critters on my carnivores!

After growing carnivores for a while, you’ll notice how many insects they attract! Usually these insects are lured in by the plants’ scents and sweet nectar to meet their fate as food.

Others slightly higher up the food chain notice the insect feeding ground and want in on it, too! The unlucky ones become food too, like these unfortunate spiders.

But a few have either the intelligence or adaptations to live peacefully with the carnivores and not become prey themselves. Here’s a few of the smarter critters I’ve found living among the carnivorous for longer than a single day!

This cute baby mantis made its home near the top of my biggest Sarracenia flava var. cuprea pitcher. Nice choice in real estate, little guy (or girl?)! I love mantids! I really wish more of them hung around the garden.

Cute baby mantis hanging out on a Sarracenia flava!


I’m not sure what species this white spider is (any entomologists out there know?), but I’ve seen a couple of them hanging out on the Sarracenia. I know jumping spiders are pretty common carnivorous plant companions, but they’re often too small and quick to get a good photo! These guys are bigger and are more into staying still for the camera.

White garden spider


Again, not an entomologist, but this little guy was cool-looking! Look at that eye, and the two tails! Perhaps a damselfly or dragonfly nymph?

Interesting fly or nymph of some kind.


These orange and black beetles are pretty common around here. I’m not a huge beetle lover like The Beetle Girl, but his face is kinda cute!

Orange and black beetle


Snail! Not an insect, and more of a pest than the above critters, but I do have a soft spot for snails. I don’t usually see them on my pots because I keep them off the ground. This one was found under the lip of a water tray, probably trying to escape the rain a while back!

Garden snail

Snails have cute faces too, so I took a couple shots of its eyes extending.

Garden snail Garden snail


What kind of visitors do you get hanging around your plants? Are most of them friends or foes? Tell me all about ’em in a comment!


  1. Paige says:

    Great shots, Maria! 😀 I love seeing what kind of visitors various plants get. Unfortunately this year we have an abundance of grass hoppers that like to eat all my plants, ugh. (Snails too but I love them; they have tiny puppy-like mouths!) That beetle is so precious! I’ve never seen anything like it out here, but I adore those colors. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  2. Tyson says:

    I would love to have mantis living in my plants! I just have a lot of spiders living around my plants haha. I do seem to have a thriving honey bee community nearby though! They seem to use my pots as a water stop quite frequently lol

  3. katyadog1 says:

    Snails are evil little beasts; they love to chew on new pitcher growth. I advise killing them or removing them from your plants. If your plants are in a water tray, then you’re good (snails can’t cross water) but if they are not, I’d recommend putting a ring of copper wire on the outside of each of your pots to keep snails and slugs off them.

    • Maria says:

      Thanks for the advice! I do have water trays and my plants are pretty high off the ground so they’re not usually a problem.

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