Flashback Friday with Monkeys and Dragons! Indonesian adventures from the past!

First, let me say there will no carnivorous plants in this post, but there are cute monkeys and a Komodo dragon! The presentation by Chi’en Lee at California Carnivores invoked some wanderlust in me and brought back memories of my travels to Indonesia. I dug through some old photos and thought I’d share some highlights!

My first time in Indonesia was late 2008 to early 2009. I left right after Christmas ’08 and rang in the new year with friends in a Jogjakarta hotel room. This first trip was a photography class, believe it or not! We traveled to a new location every 2-3 days for two weeks and had photo critiques twice a week.

I really liked still-lifes and “dark” photography back then. Plus you see my love for rough, crumbly textures!

Long-exposure in a puppet museum in Jakarta
Long-exposure in a puppet museum in Jakarta


Hindu garden statue
Hindu garden statue
Hindu garden statue
Hindu garden statue
Boar mask from a Hindu festival in Bali
Boar mask from a Hindu festival in Bali

Red and black textures


Hmm. I wonder if this is where my love for creepy dolls originated? Hehe.

Crumbly statue


My second Indonesia trip was in March of 2012, and a completely different vibe from the first. This trip was primarily based in Bali, and was more vacation-focused than “work”, but was definitely┬ámore physically intense than the first trip! There was one day we woke up at 3am to see the sunrise at a certain site far away. We also spent a night and two days on a boat (it’s harder to sleep on a boat than you would think!), and went on numerous long, but beautiful hikes. Visually, I still love crumbly textures and still lifes, but these photos aren’t as moody, I think!

A shot from Padang Padang Beach. After getting permission, I was able to take this piece of coral home. It’s on my desk now. ­čÖé



Cliffs overlooking the beach.



“Ooh, what big birds!”

Those aren’t birds, sweetheart. They’re GIANT VAMPIRE BATS!”



Actually, I’m pretty sure these are fruit bats. Still, they were big and there had to be at least tens of thousands of them! If not hundreds of thousands. Seeing them fly out of the canopy at dusk to feed was one of my favorite parts of the trip.






FOOD! Rambutan (spiky ball fruit on the left) is my favorite. Snake Fruit (far right) are delicious too, as as mangosteen, and yes, durian!



Monkeys! These are wild and all over Ubud and the central Bali area. moneys-toilet-bali

And the Komodo dragon! I’m pretty sure I cropped this photo and did not actually get this close.



I still have friends in Indonesia and looking back through these photos makes me eager for another visit!┬áThis time, I’d like to see my fair share of wild Nepenthes!

But to be honest, I’ve yet to see wild carnivorous plants here in the US. Who knows when I’ll do another big, international trip, but in the meantime I’d like to see more of my homeland!

Thanks for reading and checking out my photos! Is there a certain place you’d love to travel, or visit again? Let me know in a comment!