Got Instagram? You NEED to follow these accounts!

A few weeks ago, I made a post featuring my favorite blogs. Blogs are great, but Instagram really has my attention lately! Because it’s so visual, I can really put forth my best photos on there, and see some amazing photos in return!

In this post, I’m featuring my 10 favorite Instagram accounts! Most (but not all) are plant-related. Some include carnivorous plants and some don’t. It was a tough decision, but I chose the ones that will hopefully be of most interest to you, my dear readers!

Enjoy the feature and consider following these fantastic Instagrammers!


Siru is a talented, young carnivorous plant grower from Finland. In fact, she has the largest carnivorous plant collection in Finland! Her photos are just as bright and happy as her plants! I really enjoy seeing her plants on my feed (if just slightly jealous! ;)). She’s also very active on Instagram, often commenting with advice and growing tips for new carnivorous plant growers. She’s definitely one to follow for beautiful plants and lots of knowledge!




Helen Ahpornsiri is a botanical artist unlike any other! She uses tiny pieces of fern fronds to make collages, usually of animals. I’m blown away every time I see her photos come up on my feed! Every little detail is so intricate and intentional. Her art is a joy to just explore and look through.



Nao is a photographer from Japan who creates some beautifully atmospheric images. Most have botanical subject matter but not all of them do. The aesthetic is very airy and filled with diffused light. Really inspiring and beautiful eye candy!

  A photo posted by nao (@naorinmoon) on



Paul is a carnivorous plant grower from the UK, and creator of the widely used #carnivoroustagram hashtag. His feed is filled with bright, clear photos of the craziest-looking Dionaea cultivars! He also grows stunning Cephalotus, Darlingtonia, Sarracenia, and Drosera. I’ll be honest, I basically live vicariously through his feed! Good thing he’s also a nice dude who’s always helping by answering carnivorous plant questions! 



Adam’s account is a very interesting peek into his life. He shows everything from his stunning Cephalotus grown under LED lights (among other cool plants), his bearded dragon named Typhon, his frogs in their vivarium, and most recently, the senior pup he just adopted! I don’t follow many “lifestyle” Instagram accounts, but I really enjoy seeing life through Adam’s lens!



Seed to Stem is one of the few things that makes me wish I lived on the east coast! This boutique from Massachusetts is the kind of place where I would spend aaaaalll of my time and money. They have cool plants (of course), and tons of decor, jewelry, and many more curiosities with a rustic, vintage aesthetic. Totally my kind of vibe. 

A photo posted by Seed to Stem (@seedtostem) on



Jennifer is a designer and nature-lover from Portland, OR. Where better to be in love with nature, right? Her photos of the Pacific Northwest are breathtaking, but my favorite thing about her feed are her botanical arrangements, often created in lovely, symmetrical mandala forms! It’s so cool to see geometry and symmetry in natural forms through her eyes. I’m definitely inspired to look at nature in a different way, thanks to her!

A photo posted by Jennifer Erlys (@jenerlys) on



If I were to guess, probably about 20% of my Sarracenia collection has come from this guy! He doesn’t have a website, so I have plug his IG. 😉 Eric is a grower from Kentucky, and he is definitely Sarracenia crazy (though there are flytraps and non-carnivorous plants in there too)! His feed is filled with seedlings and adult plants that exhibit a huge range of traits and colors! 

A photo posted by eric (@sarraceniacrazy) on



I love this account! It’s all about plants, primarily really cool and unusual-looking cacti and succulents. However I also love seeing the unique pottery, planters and figurines hanging out with the plants! I tend to fail miserably at succulents, but these photos always make me want more.

A photo posted by @mellowist on



And finally, an account dedicated to an aesthetic near and dear to my heart! @lovelydeadcrap features moody photos of dead plant matter. Nice to know I’m not the only one who loves macro photos with muted tones and crunchy textures! Use the hashtag #lovelydeadcrap for a chance to be featured on the account! 

How did ya like these IG accounts? Which ones were your favorites? Tell me in a comment below! If you love them as much as I do, share this post to give these folks some extra following!

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  1. Tyson says:

    Loved this list! Eric has one of my favorite accounts too! He’s actually the reason I’m growing carnivores right now lol. He sent me a care package of babies about three years ago! Would’ve never been where I am now without him!

  2. JM Hoff says:

    It’s nice to see many users I’m following on Instagram! It is actually a great way to get in contact with other growers and cp enthusiast

  3. katyadog1 says:

    Eric Morrow got me started on Sarracenia. Kudos to him for being a helpful, all around great guy! It is really inspiring to see his photos as well.

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