Growing Venus Flytraps = Bittersweet Seasonal Changes

For me, the hardest part of growing Venus flytraps is dealing with dormancy. September is here and that time is almost upon us again. As I watch the traps die off and those that remain hug the ground, I remember feeling annoyed at all the flower stalks I kept cutting off in the spring, and wish I was doing that instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to occupy myself with this winter! I will keep my sundews and my cephalotus going in my mini-greenhouse for the first time. I will also be starting carnivores from seed for the first time in a few years, and growing some cold-hardy edible greens.

But there is nothing quite like watching your growing Venus flytraps. Seeing silly little things like one trap growing directly into the jaws of another, and occasional deformities like two-headed traps. And those spiders thinking they’re so clever by spinning webs close by for easy access to flies, only to meet the same fate as them. Seeing all the little differences like some traps turning bright red while others stay green. They’re just so full of life.

Die. Grow again. The process is always the same, and yet it’s always different. It never gets old. I guess to me, it’s like watching your children grow up. Or sending your children off to space camp for four months, and seeing they’ve GROWN SO MUCH OMG when they come back. I dunno, I’m not a parent, obviously!

But seeing the change throughout the season is really amazing. Here is my pot of (mostly) adult Venus flytraps in March 2014, just coming out of dormancy. Looking a little rough!

Venus Flytraps March 2014 And the same pot in late July at full growth. Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant The difference is just astounding to me! This is the first time I’ve really compared side by side and it feels so surreal. I regret not taking more photos. My goal for 2015 will be documenting more of the growth process. A good chunk of these will probably get sent off to new homes early next year as well, so stay tuned for an announcement for that! Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I know I got a little existential there. 😉 What do you like and dislike the most about growing Venus flytraps?