Headless Hammerheads! Just in Time for Halloween!

I thought I was done buying plants for the year, but turned out that wasn’t the case! I couldn’t pass up an amazing deal from a fellow Flytrapcare forum user: Five Sarracenia  x “Hummers Hammerhead” for $8 shipped! I couldn’t log into Paypal fast enough.

Hummers Hammerhead
Sarracenia x “Hummers Hammerhead” freshly potted up in 50/50 peat moss/perlite.

But why are they headless? These plants unfortunately got pelted by hail at their last home, so the owner trimmed off all the shredded pitchers. When they grow back, they’ll look more like the photo below:


See why I’m excited, and how they got their name? It’s a very unusual looking plant! The cross is [(S. psittacina x rubra alabamensis) x rubra alabamensis]. Initially, I thought it was surely a Sarracenia minor cross. But those long, flat hammerhead hood genetics can obviously be unlocked in other species as well. Genetics are so interesting!

I can’t wait to see how that pot looks next summer! I’ll definitely have to refer back to this post to show how much they grew. The plastic pot was getting crowded already, so I put one of the little guys in his own glazed ceramic pot.

Hummer's Hammerhead

I also took some photos of their roots and rhizomes before potting, because I always forget to, and they just look so pretty!

Sarracenia Roots

Sarracenia Rhizome Sarracenia rhizome

I doubt they will put out any new pitcher this late in the season, but I will definitely take photos if they do! This hobby is not the instant gratification kind. Patience is a huge key, and that really makes you appreciate the beauty of these plants.

I can’t promise I won’t buy anymore plants until next year, but I will try! I’m usually a tightwad with money, but these plants make all my self-control go out the window.

Anyone else still getting late-season additions to their collections? Let me know in a comment!


    • Maria says:

      Hi Julien! It’s actually a plastic pot, just in a terracotta color. Sorry for the confusion! I will edit the post to make it more clear.

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