How much $$$ did we raise?! Proof of Meadowview Donation!

Last month, there was TONS of carnivorous plant fundraiser action! The Sarracenia forum sold 53 of their limited edition T shirts, and the NASC auction at Terraforums had TONS of awesome plants for sale! I got so inspired by everyone donating their time, money, and effort to protect these plants,  I decided to do my own mini-fundraiser. I decided to donate 25% of April sales from my store to Meadowview Biological Research Station.

So how did we do? Let’s see!

Here’s a screenshot of my sales for April. Pending means the sales have gone through, but are still in the initial 30 days to allow for possible returns. I’ve had exactly zero returns so far, and didn’t want to wait 30 days to donate, so pending is good enough for me! And $43.03 ain’t bad!




So 25% of 43.03 is $10.75. To me, that didn’t quite feel like enough so I decided to round it up to $20.




And there you have it! It’s not much, but Meadowview is just a little closer to purchasing bog land to protect and preserve native Sarracenia!

I really want to continue doing my part and donating what I can. And it’s fun (albeit slightly nerve-wracking) to post the numbers publicly! I’ll make these proof posts every few months and hopefully we’ll see bigger and bigger donations!

If you want to be a part of my next donation, click the image below to check out one of my favorite and most popular shirts! Sorry, cute froggy and the Sarracenia pitcher are not included! That’s the Meadowview logo! 😉

Click to get this shirt!  Froggy on Sarracenia pitcher not included.


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