In the Space Bucket: Sarracenia seedlings (aka baby brontosauruses)

That’s right, Sarracenia seedlings look like baby brontosauruses! I am always open to opportunities to compare carnivorous plants to other unusual looking things!

Sarracenia seedlings growing under indoor light. Click to learn more!

Pictured above is a cluster of Lynda Butt x (moorei x flava var. atropurpurea) seedlings currently growing in my space bucket. These are my most mature seed grown babies so far! I sowed the seeds on January 19th and first saw germination on February 11th. The one with the longest brontosaurus neck was the first to germinate. For a while, I thought it would be the only one to germinate! But the stragglers started popping up soon enough.

Sarracenia seedlings growing under indoor light. Click to learn more!

Soon I’ll be getting a small sample of Maxsea fertilizer, which lots of Sarracenia growers use on their seedlings to increase growth in record-fast time! I can’t wait to see what this baby brontosaurus will look like after a bit of a growth spurt!

Sarracenia seedlings growing under indoor light. Click to learn more!

What else in growing in the space bucket? My Sarracenia leucophylla “Hurricane Creek White” Clone C x Clone F were the next to germinate! I’m very excited to have seed-grown Hurricane Creek Whites! It’s an honor to help propagate a plant that’s sadly gone extinct in the wild.

Sarracenia seedlings growing under indoor light. Click to learn more!

I have two more sets of seeds which haven’t germinated yet. Hopefully we’ll see those soon in a future post!

As an experiment, I also have seeds outside that have yet to germinate. I’m curious to see how much faster or slower space bucket germination is vs. outside, natural light germination. Currently I’m giving my space bucket seedlings 19 hours of light. For both inside and outside seeds, I’m spraying the surface once a day and keeping them in a tray of water. Which will germinate first? Time will tell!

Do you have any seedlings growing inside or outside right now? What’s your set up like? Tell me all about it in a comment!


  1. James says:

    I have some outside that I broadcast over a newly made table top bog, I had great germination rates and lots of little plants popping up. I also started some inside that I have in a 40 gal tank that gets 24/7 lighting and is kept at high humidity. I have lots of seeds stratifying at the moment and am starting to get worried about space constraints, as I see myself having over 100 new plants in the next two years and don’t have a huge grow area. Might be time for a greenhouse…

  2. Buğra says:

    Hey Maria I have a question, tomorrow I will try to build my own space bucket, I saw it first on your blog and totally loved it, but as I did my research I saw lots of people cutting holes at the bottom of the bucket, as carnivorous plants take their water from the bottle of the pot I shouldn’t do that right? I loved your blog by the way, real classy.

    • Maria says:

      I didn’t cut holes in mine, I just set a tray of water in the bottom and put the plants in that. Some people cut holes in the bucket, then set that inside another bucket cut in half which would act like a tray. It’s really up to you! Enjoy it!

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