Keep On Blooming, Utricularia Flowers!

I was initially unsure about keeping my utricularia outside (in a mini greenhouse) over the winter, but some of them seem perfectly happy with cooler temperatures and are continuing to produce flowers since December. 

I’m so tickled by U. blanchetii flowers! To me, they look like floating purple pirates. With ruffly skirts on, I guess. Do you see it too, or am I just a total weirdo?

The tiny, showy flowers of carnivorous bladderwort, Utricularia blanchetii.
U. blanchetii says, “Ahoy, matey!”
The tiny, showy flowers of carnivorous bladderwort, Utricularia blanchetii.
“Bring me that horizon!”

These little purple buccaneers still seem pretty happy in their tea cup!

Carnivorous bladderworts like Utricularia blanchetii happily planted in tea cups. More at!

I was also surprised to see my Utricularia livida flowering. The flower stalk got bent from shipping, but thankfully I didn’t get around to clipping it! It produced this precious little bloom for me.

Flower opening on carnivorous bladderwort Utricularia livida.
In the process of opening…


Unusual flower of carnivorous bladderwort Utricularia livida.
Almost completely open!

It’s darkened in color a bit since it’s been open. How you can not love the precious little stripes at the top? And the little flap! It’s a challenge to get whole flower in focus, even with a macro lens but it is so worth it!


Unusual flower of carnivorous bladderwort Utricularia livida

I’m so glad I started growing Utricularia! I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection this year. Check out my Utricularia in tea cups post for more info on caring for them! The beauties in this post came from Natch GreyesYou can also get the adorable “Angry Bunny” Utricularia sandersonii at Predatory Plants!

These utricularia and my pygmy sundews have kept me well occupied this dormancy season. I can’t believe spring is right around the corner! I’m predicting a post of several flower stalks and new growth in the near future!

Have your plants started to break dormancy yet? Or has your indoor garden been keeping you busy? Leave a comment and let me know how it’s going!


    • Maria says:

      Aw, thank you Natch! I have a Canon DSLR and macro lens. This is the camera body I use and this is the lens. I was a photography major in college, so I spent quite a bit on photo equipment a few years ago. Of course, you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment to get good photos!

      And no problem! I think I’ll be making another order soon. 🙂

    • Maria says:

      Thanks, Tommy! My Sandersonii is growing a bunch of leaves and shooting up new flower stalks, but no new angry bunnies yet!

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