My Venus Flytrap Collection Keeps Growing! Rare new plants!

Hey readers! How’s it going? I hope all your plants are growing beautifully and rapidly! Most of my plants from my contest post have arrived, so I gotta show off my growing Venus flytrap collection! (Warning: This will be an image-heavy post!)

My favorite types of Venus flytraps are all-red varieties, closely followed by those with short/jagged cilia. Naturally, I added both to my Venus flytrap collection!

This is FTS Maroon Monster, still wrapped up right before potting. The adult plant is now my largest all-red Venus flytrap, as it should be! Red Venus flytraps tend to be smaller and slow growing in my experience, but FTS Maroon Monster was selectively bred at to be a large and vigorous grower! I can’t wait to see the little divisions grow too!
FTS Maroon Monster

I just can’t get over the beautiful coloring, and what a nice healthy rhizome! This plant was sent to me by a Flytrapcare forum member. If an online store/nursery doesn’t have what you’re looking for, remember you can always turn to your peers!

FTS Maroon Monster

All potted up! It will take a few weeks to get established so it’s staying out of direct sunlight for the time being.

FTS Maroon Monster

Here is Coquillage, which will undoubtedly become a prized jewel in my Venus flytrap collection!  It’s a newer cultivar and still fairly rare. Coquillage means “shell” in French, which refers to the traps being shaped like seashells. I am a sucker for the fancy-sounding name, but really fell in love with the unusual shape and pretty colors. Those extremely short cilia are right up my alley!

Coquillage Venus Flytrap

Here is BZ Razorbackwhich was originally a seed-grown Venus Flytrap owned by Bob Ziemer, a longtime grower and a leading authority on carnivorous plants. Again, right up my alley with the short, jagged teeth and gorgeous, bright coloring!BZ Razorback Venus Flytrap

And finally, here is Bristletooth, one of the classic short-toothed cultivars. Gorgeous red patterning inside the traps as well!

Bristletooth Venus Flytrap

Due to my poor impulse control, I’m running out of space with these additions, and will have to reduce my collection soon. Sign up for my newsletter to find out when I’ll be giving away part of my Venus flytrap collection! If you win, I guarantee you’ll only get healthy, robust clones and seed-grown plants from me. If there is enough interest, I will hold 3-4 contests/giveaways per year, so you’ll always have a chance to win. Signing up for the newsletter also means you’ll be notified of awesome plant sales and new changes to the blog.

As always, I appreciate your readership and support!