New Giveaway for the Holidays! Carnivorous Stationery Cards!

Hey everyone! I had so much with the last giveaway, I couldn’t wait to do another one for the holidays! With further ado, here is what you’ll be winning!

Carnivorous Plant Stationary Cards

One winner will receive a pack of five 5″ x 7″ stationery cards, each featuring a different carnivorous plant illustration! Use them to send holiday greetings or display them as small pieces of art!

Now for some info about the cards. The images are in the public domain, meaning their copyright has expired. Anyone can legally print, re-use, re-purpose, or even deface these images for commercial or personal use for free.

You all know I love plant art, but I also love vintage-styled illustrations like these. I started out looking for copyright-free botanical illustrations to use for my own printing and crafting.  I ended up finding Society6, which not only makes art prints, but products like mugs, tote pags, phone cases, and throw pillows!

And I completely nerded out.

I got SO EXCITED at the thought of having a Venus Flytrap tote bag or phone case. A Sarracenia throw pillow? I would cuddle the hell out of that pillow, while reading The Savage Garden or checking my Instagram on my Venus Flytrap-encased phone. And I’m not even the nerdiest carnivorous plant  grower out there (ahem, Rob, Natch, and Devon, to name a few!)

Vintage Venus Flytrap Plant

I knew if I geeked out over that stuff, others would too. And so The Carnivore Girl Store was born!

I ordered the cards first and foremost to check out the printing quality, and must say I’m very impressed! Coming from an art photography background, I’m very meticulous about producing cleaned up, high quality images. Inventory in the shop is low right now because it’s hard to find images that are high enough resolution to make good prints, that are also visually pleasing.

The cool thing about Society6 is that I can only set prices for art prints. All other products have pre-set prices and remain consistent across the website. So I can’t charge you an exorbitant amount for a pillow, even if I really wanted to. 😛

Vintage Carnivorous Plant Art

Buying from the store will help pay for hosting this website, renewing my domain, and (admittedly) allow me to buy more plants!  All the profit margins are pretty small, but that’s okay, I got my big girl job. 😉 Primarily, I want to provide really nice-looking, high quality carnivorous plant items for myself and fellow plant nerds. And more images will be added soon!

PS: On Society6, you can also find two awesome ladies (both named Kate!) that create their own, original carnivorous plant art! Kate Halpin and Kate O’Hara.


Carnivorous Plant Prints

This time, I am happily accepting international entries! 😀

The last day to enter will be Friday, November 28th. I will contact the winner by email for their shipping address and plan to ship the cards by Monday, December 1st. Please feel free to email me ( with any questions or concerns!

Good luck everyone, and THANK YOU as always for your support!

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