OMG EXCITEMENT! We Have Venus Fly Trap Germination!

Fly Trap Seed Germination Fly trap seed germination

Just wanted to make a quick update from my post on planting Venus fly trap seeds.  The first signs of Venus fly trap germination appeared early last weekend! I believe it was Friday. The seeds were sown on September 7th, which means they took just under three weeks to germinate.

I’ll admit I was getting nervous. I saw other posts online where other peoples’ seeds showed germination within two weeks. One post even saw germination in six days! I was feeling some major germination-envy. This envy got to me, and I ended up putting my seeds in direct sunlight for a few hours every day sometime mid-last week. I think that extra heat kicked them into gear. They had only been in bright shade before.

The other growers most likely were keeping them indoors under lights on timers, probably 16 hours or longer. Honestly, that’s probably a more ideal situation for seedlings, since you have more control of their heat and humidity levels. My seedlings were definitely subject to more temperature fluctuations. I also may have left them outside at night once or twice when it got into the low 60s, oops. I’m sure that delayed germination quite a bit.

The two photos above are the only signs of germination I’ve seen so far, but I’m feeling optimistic! My method hasn’t been perfect, but I wanted to see how Nature would treat the seeds. These two are obviously the strongest of the bunch, and I hope the rest follow soon!

Who is the father? 😛

For those wondering about parentage, these seeds are from two different batches. The top image is a seed selectively pollinated from two “Fused Tooth” cultivars. Because they are seed grown and not “Fused Tooth” clones, they will be called Fused Tooth x Fused Tooth. Each seed is genetically unique, and not all will display the “Fused Tooth” traits.

The second seed is a result of selective pollination from all-red Venus fly traps, which offers a much higher probability of all-red babies! Y’all know my love for red flytraps! Again, each seed is completely unique and may or may not have all-red traits at all. It’s possible more seeds germinated, but are just hard to see against the soil if they are in fact, red!

So what’s in your germination station?

What are you growing from seeds, dear readers? Under what kind of conditions are you keeping them? Or if you’re not growing anything from seed right now, what would you grow if you could? Leave me a comment about anything at all!

If I get another batch of fly trap seeds, it will be the Giant and Superior variety, from the same breeders as my current seeds. How cool would it be to grow gigantic, vigorous, and completely unique Venus fly traps?! And 20 seeds for under $10! I better stop myself now… 😉

As always, thanks for reading! More updates on the Venus fly trap germination will come soon!

Update! See their first leaves here!


    • Maria says:

      Hi Denise. Growing from seed takes A LOT of patience. They stay small for 2-3 years. If you really want to enjoy a Venus flytrap from the get-go, definitely buy an adult plant.

      You can use the same soil for seeds (peat and perlite or sand) as adult plants. For germinating, you do need to keep the soil wet at all times, plus higher humidity.

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