Sexy Nymphs & Heart Transplants! Carnivorous Plant Artwork by Fay Helfer

It’s been a while since I’ve featured carnivorous plant artwork, and these are a real treat! Meet the Plant Nymphs by artist Fay Helfer!

Plant Nymphs by Fay Helfer "Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)"
“Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)”
Plant Nymphs by Fay Helfer."Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant)"
“Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant)” This image has been cropped due to being potentially inappropriate for readers under 18. Click to see the full image.

All of her Plant Nymphs were far too beautiful to just show the carnivorous ones, so here are a couple more!

Plant Nymphs by Fay Helfer."Cynara (Artichoke)"
Cynara (Artichoke)
Plant Nymphs by Fay Helfer. "Nelumbo (Lotus)"
“Nelumbo (Lotus)”

Fay works primarily on wood surfaces. Natural elements and processes are all important components of her artwork. She uses a technique called pyrography. Also known as wood burning, pyrography means “writing with fire”.  It‘s the art of marking wood or other materials with a heated point. Nothing is more natural that fire burning wood!

For color, she uses pigments made from nature. For instance from minerals (zinc, ochres, malachite), plants (indigo, turmeric, berries), and even bone char from animals and cochineal from insects!

Another beautiful series by Fay is called Heart Transplants. Look at the crazy details on this Sarracenia heart!

Heart Transplants by Fay Helfer. "Sarracenia"

Flies in the heart chambers! How eerie and poetic is that? Of course, so many more amazing non-carnivorous heart transplants!

Heart Transplants by Fay Helfer. "Sea Fan Heart"
Sea Fan Heart
Heart Transplants by Fay Helfer. "(Psilocybin) Mushroom Heart"
(Psilocybin) Mushroom Heart

This one below is called Heart Beet. I REALLY love a well-placed pun!

Heart Transplants by Fay Helfer."Heart Beet"
Heart Beet
Heart Transplants by Fay Helfer. "Aeonium Heart"
Aeonium Heart

Want to see more of Fay Helfer’s artwork? Visit her website! She also has prints, original art, and some neat products available in her store.  Plus you can see what she’s up to on Facebook and Instagram!

Which art piece is your favorite?  Leave me a comment to let me know!

(Heart Beet is winning my heart, to be honest!)


    • Maria says:

      Right? I love how wood shows through and becomes part of the image! Fay does it so well.

  1. Megan says:

    I’m so glad I saw this blog post! I never knew who made the nepenthes girl picture. All her art is beautiful. Really love nelumbo 🙂 I may have to buy a few prints when I finish my plant cave haha

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