Start ’em young! 5 Carnivorous plant books for kids!

Many people first experience carnivorous plants as kids. For a few, the fascination never leaves and carries into adulthood. Others return to the hobby as adults after a long hiatus and maybe having their own kids!

It’s never to early to learn about nature’s coolest and most curious plants! Check out these five carnivorous plant books for kids at various reading levels, and consider them for the young savage gardener in your life!

1. Hungry Plants 


I really like the illustration style in this book too! Check out the picture below of a Heliamphora with a dinosaur!


Who knows if Heliamphora really was the same plant back then, but it is cool to think about!


2. Plants Bite Back!


Plants Bite Back! is an older publication (1999) but the basic facts offered are still relevant. This book covers carnivorous plants as well as cacti and other plants with curious evolutionary defenses.


3. Plants That Eat Animals


A book with large, full-color photographs and great basic information on Venus flytraps, bladderworts, sundews, and more! This is considered ideal for 5-6 year olds.


4. Venus Flytraps


This book is all about the Venus Flytrap! It includes a “For Adults” section with activity ideas to do with their kids! This another older book (published 1998) but still full of relevant information! It even has a glossary for pronouncing more difficult words!


5. Flytraps! Plants That Bite Back


Despite the  title, this book also covers sundews, bladderworts, and cobra plants! What’s even cooler is this book supports a UK-based charity focused on improving literacy and science education for kids!

I hope you enjoyed this selection of children’s books! Got any more for me? Let me know in a comment below!

Even If you don’t have kids, share this posts with parents you know who want to give their kids an early interest in science!

Parents and adults! Looking for carnivorous plant books to read yourself? Check out the books page!


  1. Flynn says:

    The author of the Curious George books did a cute (though very much fictional) account of “Elizabite,” who is basically a giant flytrap. She eats hot dogs and would-be burglars. It’s not particularly educational, but good if you’re starting them *really* young 😉

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