The Carnivorous Plant Supplies You Can’t Go Without!

Now that spring is in full swing, most of us will soon be spending a lot more time with our plants! We’ll be potting new purchases, sowing seeds, and probably spending more time in garden stores too! Before you buy a bunch of supplies for your carnivorous plants, I’d like to share some of my favorite gardening items! I don’t have too many fancy gadgets, and I keep it pretty simple. The following list of items are what I keep re-using on a daily basis, and what I consider 100% essential!

Carnivorous Plant Books 

The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato is an amazing book on carnivorous plants.

In my opinion, books are an essential for life, not just plant growing! You can browse some carnivorous plant books on this page here. My two absolute favorites are The Savage Garden by Peter D’Amato (pictured above), and Cultivating Carnivorous Plants by Natch Greyes. Read my review on Cultivating Carnivorous Plants here! 


Acurite humidty thermometer

Acurite humidity thermometer

I love this thermometer so much I got two of them! One stays inside my space bucket, the other is in my outside growing area. I don’t think these are meant to go outside, but mine has been through a fair bit of rain, has fallen from about 5 feet high, and has been caked in pollen and dust, and still works like a champ!

And even if it does break or stop working, they’re only like $10 so it wouldn’t be too heartbreaking to buy another one. But I love that you can see the high and low humidity and temperatures in the last 24 hours! Awesome little thermometer! Currently 9.98 on Amazon!


Square pots for seedlings and small plants

Square pots for seedlings and small plants

I saw lots of carnivorous plant growers griping about round pots in forums, and swearing by square pots. I was like, “Pfft. Why does it matter?” I had an “Aha!” moment later on when I had to make the most of my space. If only round pots had straight edges! There are lots of options out there, but these are a pack of 45, 4.5-inch pots for $21.50.



Every home must have a Five gallon bucket
Hopefully you know what a bucket looks like, but just in case…

Whether you grow carnivorous plants or not, you always need a five-gallon bucket or a few. I use mine primarily for mixing large quantities of media. My handy, handsome husband built me a space bucket for indoor growing. You can also use them to store supplies, catch rainwater, a stand to place your planters, or as a planter itself. The possibilities are endless, really! Whoever invented the bucket is awesome for making life so much easier!


Spray bottle


A spray bottle may be a no-brainer, but it really is an essential! This is another thing you just need to have, whether you grow carnivorous plants or not! I use mine daily to keep seed and young seedlings moist, spray my humidity-loving plants, make paper towels damp for shipping plants or stratifying seeds, etc. Thankfully, they’re available absolutely everywhere. Click here, take your pick without even leaving your seat! 


TDS meter

TDS meter

A TDS meter is a fantastic little tool for finding out if your water is safe for carnivorous plants or not. Make sure you get the one that compensates for different water temperatures like this one here. Even if you have your carnivorous plant water source locked down, it’s a good tool to have anyway.

Here’s a tip: When top-watering your plants, test the water that comes out the bottom to see if your soil has accumulated minerals. I also used it to make the mind-blowing discovery that a gin and tonic is safer for carnivorous plants than my tap water!


Mini greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is great for keeping plants protected during the winter

Whether you’ll need a mini greenhouse or not will depend on your climate. I live in Zone 9b, and love my mini greenhouse in winter! My Mexican pinguicula, utricularia, and tropical sundews stayed cozy all winter long! Sometime I unzip it to allow more air to circulate through.

When temperatures warm up to 70 F or so, I take the cover off and just use the frame. It certainly helps to save space! I keep my sun-worshipping plants on the top shelf, and my partial, indirect light plants on the second shelf. The lower two shelves I use to store pots and water jugs and such.  Here is the one I have. It’s simple and fairly cheap, though there are variety of sizes and builds!


Carnivorous plant coffee mug

Cephalotus follicularis botanical art mug
I got the 11 oz mug. Should have gone with 15 oz!

I don’t know about you, but I always need a tasty beverage when I’m hanging out with my plants! The kind of beverage will depend on my mood and the time of day, but I usually carry it in one of my carnivorous plant mugs! They come in two sizes, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and will show off your carnivorous plant nerdiness proudly and truly!

Did you find this guide helpful? Please share with your plant-loving friends! Thanks for reading! I’ll catch you next time!


  1. Paige says:

    Love these! Especially the mug at the end 🙂 I love a cup of tea while I’m with my plants. I recently ordered my first Drosera (eep!) from CaliforniaCarnivores and I cannot wait to receive it! Your blog has fueled a love for carnivorous plants in me I didn’t even know I had ♥ (Except the ever-popular Venus Flytrap, though — I mean, who can resist such adorable little plants? I got my first when I was ten!)

    I have a feeling this is the beginning of a deep love for me! Haha~

    • Maria says:

      Paige, that’s what I love to hear! What kind of drosera did you get? I’m so happy to hear others catching how fun and infectious carnivorous plants are! 😀 Fueling that love fulfills the purpose of this blog for me!

  2. katyadog1 says:

    As to supplies, my essentials are 6 cell packs, peat moss, vermiculite, and LFS. With those ingredients I make everything I use.

    My Sarracenia buying season is over. Everything is coming out of dormancy, and except for one random purchase I’m getting from Phil, I’m done for the summer.

    Will expand my collection with some cephalotus though, and I plan on getting a few more VFTs.

  3. Jessica says:

    Well, I have everything you suggested plus a few extra things, except the mug and a husband. ☺ Just thinking now if it would be worth it to buy a water distiller .

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