The Red Venus Fly Trap Pot (Great Dividing Part 2)

For the last year, I’ve had my red Venus Flytraps all in separate pots. Since I’ve been running into space issues, I decided consolidate them into one pot. This was much easier to accomplish than my great Sarracenia repotting back in December! Red Venus fly traps tend to be smaller and slower growing than their greener cousins, so I did not have nearly as many divisions to pot up!

Going into this pot were the cultivars “Red Dragon”, “Pink Venus”, “FTS Crimson Sawtooth”, and “Red Piranha”, pictured below. I only did not include “FTS Maroon Monster” as that one is already big and vigorous enough that it will overwhelm the pot by end of the season!

Red Piranha Venus fly trap
Red Piranha in its old pot.

I love the moment after pulling away the old media and revealing a gorgeous, healthy white rhizome underneath the soil!

Venus flytrap rhizome

When repotting dormant plants, there is often a bunch of dead material still attached to the plant. Now is a good time to trim it all off!

Venus flytrap rhizome with dead growth. Make sure to trim off the dead stuff!

This Red Piranha ended up being three little divisions in one clump!

Venus flytrap Red Piranha divisions.

More gorgeous, healthy rhizomes! “Red Dragon” and “Pink Venus” were in the same pot together. “Pink” wins the longest root contest by less than an inch!

Red Dragon Venus Flytrap and Pink Venus

Just one more pretty rhizome shot because I seriously can’t get enough!

FTS Crimson Sawtooth all-read Venus Flytrap

Everybody took a bath in distilled water while I prepped the media for their new home!

Venus flytraps need distilled water, full sun, and inert soil with no fertilizers.

I used my good ol’ reliable 50/50 peat moss and perlite mix and topped with a thin layer of horticultural sand. After seeing a couple other growers do this, I’ll never go back! The sand looks so much nicer and will help to prevent fungus and algae growth which can overwhelm small plants. I also think the dark red traps will contrast very nicely against the light sand once they get growing!

Red Venus fly trap pot

Red Venus fly traps

My next big repotting project will be all my typical Venus flytraps, and that will definitely involve multiple pots and many plants going to new homes! I’m in planning stages of an epic giveaway right now! Enter your email below to get the details first!


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