Venus Flytrap Seedlings (Now with actual traps & indoor lighting!)

It’s been a while since my last Venus flytrap seedlings update, and there’s been a lot of progress since then! The Fused Tooth x Fused Tooth seedlings are so big and robust. They’ve already put out their first actual trap leaves, and some have developed a bit of red coloring as well! Check out the shots below!

Venus Flytrap Seedling

It looks like the seedling below is already showing some fused, bristled cilia on its trap! The seedling in the above photo definitely has more traditional looking cilia. Only time will tell as they get older though.

Venus Flytrap Seedling

In contrast, the red seedlings have been developing a lot more slowly. They still don’t have any clear trap leaves yet. I’m not too worried though, because red plants do tend to grow more slowly. They have been turning redder and darker, which I’m hoping is a good sign!

Red Venus Flytrap Seedling Red Venus Flytrap Seedling

Last weekend, I also decided to move my seedlings inside to keep them growing and developing over winter. I’m definitely not an indoor grower, so my light set up is extremely basic.

Growing Seedlings Indoors

I cleared out a shelf in my bookcase and taped up some white pieces of paper to reflect light back onto the seedlings. Because my shelf is black, it would just absorb a lot of light and get really hot if it didn’t have the white paper up. With the white paper, I can use the available light to make it feel a bit brighter.

I have an 18w 5000K compact florescent bulb in a clamp lamp with a metal reflector. I’m only using that particular bulb because it was what I already had. If I were buying a new one, I’d get one that was a bit more powerful (like 24 watts), and 6500K, which is the color temperature of daylight.

Because my light is not particularly strong, I’m leaving it on for 16 hour periods. Again, I’m not a light or indoor growing expert, but if you want to try growing seedlings indoors, here’s a basic list similar to what I have:

You can also see my tried and trusted betta fish pellets in the photo! Once the seedlings develop more trap leaves, I’ll be feeding them to boost their growth. Check out my feeding guide here!

The pot on the far left with the bag over it holds my freshly sown Drosera filiformis “Florida Red” seeds! The plastic bag is to increase humidity for germination. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a FREE pack of your own D. filiformis “Florida Red” seeds! Giveaway ends on Wednesday so enter ASAP!

Any questions about light, seed growing, or anything else feel free to email me ( or leave a comment below. Don’t over think on lights too much! When in doubt, don’t underestimate that sunny windowsill! 😉