Venus Flytrap Seedlings Update (I’m a Proud Mama!)

Aww, they grow so quickly! It’s now about two weeks after my Venus flytrap seedlings germinated, and they’re already losing the seed husks and emerging with their cotyledon leaves!

This one looks like it’s clapping above its head, so cute! You can also see another smaller seedling directly behind it, out of focus. I believe this is one of the all-red seedlings.

Venus Fly Trap Seedling

This is one of the Fused Tooth x Fused Tooth seedlings, and it’s big! I’m pretty sure it was the first to germinate and has grown and developed super quickly! I have a feeling its going to be a large, vigorous plant! 😀 Looks like it might even open its first trap in the next few days! I’M EXCITED IN CASE YOU CAN’T TELL.

Venus Fly Trap Seedling

And another seedling that’s popped up and doing nicely! Each pot has 5-6 seeds germinating that I can see. Not bad from just one of each a couple weeks ago!

Venus Fly Trap Seedling

Here’s a shot of the whole Fused Tooth x Fused Tooth pot. You can see the big one super easily near the top! Seriously, it’s a giant compared to the others! Look closely and you can see the other babies as specks of green.

Pot of Fly Trap Seedlings

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reducing the amount of water on these. There is some algae on the surface now that I don’t want taking over the pot.

In the next update, I’ll hopefully have some teeny, little flytrap leaves to show you! Have an excellent Thursday everyone!


  1. Christine says:

    I live I’m NZ and we are just coming out of winter into spring…I took my VFT out of the sunny spot I had it in and put it in a slightly darker place for approx 10 weeks . Our days just started getting longer so I moved VFT in the sun but now all the leaves appear to have ‘rotted off’ at soil level. Have I killed my VFT?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Christine! You can look under the soil to check if the rhizome is still firm and white. If so, it’s still alive. If it’s brown and mushy or you can’t find it, the plant is most likely dead. Flytraps often have their leaves from last season die back so they can focus energy on new growth for spring.

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