Who’s Even Crazier Than Me? Read a Few of my Favorite Plant Blogs!

In case you didn’t know, I’m not the only blog out there. Yes, it’s shocking! There are lots of fantastic plant blogs out there and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today! Not all of these are strictly carnivorous plant blogs, though many do include carnivores in their content. I like pretty pictures and learning new things, so I picked this handful of blogs due to their eye candy and wealth of knowledge! Prepare to “Oooh” and “Aaah” and have your mind blown all at the same time!


In Defense of Plants

In Defense of Plants Blog and Podcast
Image by In Defense of Plants

In Defense of Plants is an excellent blog and podcast that is a HUGE wealth of knowledge about plants! Matt discusses everything from evolution, reproduction, conservation, relationships with other plants and fungi, and more. Each post is packed with information that plant nerds go crazy over. I’d never thought I’d be so fascinated by mustards, mosses, and everything in between! Did I also mention the photos are amazing?


The Horticult

The Horticult
Image and Design by The Horticult

The Horticult is where gardening and plant geekery meets modern design! Chantal and Ryan show how they’ve turned their modest space in Southern California into a beautiful plant-filled oasis! They’ve got carnivores, succulents, herbs, veggies, house plants, and more! I’ve already gathered tons of inspiration from this blog for when I actually have a yard and a house with more windows!


Urban Jungle Bloggers

Urban Jungle Bloggers
Image by Urban Jungle Bloggers

Urban Jungle Bloggers is not a single blog, but actually a blog community focused on the experience of living with plants. Whether inside your home or anywhere in an urban space, UJB connects plant enthusiasts on the internet through a monthly theme chosen by the founders Judith and Igor. It’s tons of fun seeing other bloggers’ plants and their interpretation of the theme! Check out my first UJB post: Plant Gangstas! Anyone can join, and in my humble opinion, we need more carnivorous plant bloggers representing! 😉


Peter D’Amato’s Blog

Dionaea Muscipula Dormancy.
Dionaea Muscipula Dormancy. Image by California Carnivores.

Author of The Savage Garden and founder of California Carnivores nursery, Peter D’Amato started a blog late last year. It’s not updated super often, but I love Peter’s writing style and love that we can continue reading from him and learning more! Each post so far has been chock-full of valuable tips!


Sundews Etc.

Drosera venusta
Drosera venusta. Image by Sundews Etc.

Devon is the Sundew man! His love for the Drosera genus goes deep and it shows in his writing and collection photos. I’ve learned a lot about sundew cultivation and propagation from him! He also grows Pinguicula, Sarracenia, Utricularia, and may even be coming around more to Dionaea thanks to yours truly! 😉


Natch Greyes

Nepenthes izumiae x trusmadiensis. Image by Natch Greyes
Nepenthes izumiae x trusmadiensis. Image by Natch Greyes

Natch Greyes is one of most well-known carnivorous plant growers on the east coast, thanks to his blog! He’s full of knowledge and has authored two books so far on carnivorous plants! He’s also got a great little online nursery, from where I purchased my first Utricularia and highly, highly recommend! Look out soon for my review of his second book, Cultivating Carnivorous Plants!


The Pitcher Plant Project

Image by The Pitcher Plant Project.

Rob Co’s blog, The Pitcher Plant Project was one of the earliest carnivorous plant blogs that is still around! His one true love (besides his wife and adorable kids) is Sarracenia! His greenhouse is called the Asylum (I love it!) and houses seemingly thousands of Sarracenia! Rob’s also a talented photographer and never takes any photos that are less than stunning. He posts his own plants as well as visits to other savage gardens, nurseries, and wild plant sites.

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite plant blogs! Hopefully you learned some new things and didn’t make too much of a mess with your drool. If you loved these blogs, share this post and give these hard-workin’ bloggers some more traffic!

I’d love to know your favorite plant blogs too! Let me know in a comment. 😀



  1. Natch says:

    Thanks for the mention! And thanks for referring me to a couple blogs I didn’t know about, yet. I’m excited to catch up over the long weekend.


  2. Rob says:

    Awwww… thanks so much for the shout out! Your blog is totally awesome and inspiring — really humbled by the mention!

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